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How the Right Hotel Lobby Design Increases Revenue Per Guest

Hotel Lobby Plants

If you think of your hotel lobby as a place guests wait to be served, you could be missing an excellent opportunity to increase per-guest revenue. Your hotel lobby design helps you stand out among other businesses on your block and creates the first impression guests have of your hotel. A comfortable, multi-purpose lobby invites guests to linger longer while making use of amenities like Wi-Fi, bars or restaurants, and TVs.

Hotel Lobbies: Past and Present

In the past, hotel lobbies were a place where guests sat and waited for their room keys or for porter or concierge services. Modern hotel lobby design, however, is more about meeting the needs of every customer—from business people to vacationing families.

Planning Your Design

What makes a hotel lobby design inviting and comfortable? The moment a guest enters, your hotel lobby design should be welcoming in every way. Start with durable, functional furniture that includes sofas and a variety of chairs to accommodate guests traveling with children or those with special needs. Include a coffee table or end tables so guests have a place to set drinks or recharge phones and tablets. A television at a reasonable volume will discourage boredom and may encourage guests to purchase a drink or some reading material.

Well-chosen plants in the lobby also provide a burst of fresh air that puts guests at ease. Include some flowering plants for a pop of color and a faint fragrance and subtly improve the mood of your guests. A combination of indoor trees and ferns or ivy will help regulate humidity in the air, keeping it at comfortable, breathable levels.

Guests who feel comfortable and at home are more likely to stick around to partake of amenities rather than going out to eat, work, or meet friends or clients. This can result in increased revenue per guest for your hotel.

For More Information

Not sure you know how to select and maintain the best plants to enhance your hotel lobby design? Get some input from an indoor plant specialist. Consulting a professional ensures you’ll find plants that will enhance the look of your lobby and the experience of your guests. For further assistance, contact Plant Interscapes at 1-888-284-2257.