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Hotel Lobby Plants and Their Effect on Guest Health

Hotel Valencia HolidayWhen you’re looking for ways to improve the guest experience, hotel lobby plants may not be at the top of your list. But they should be. Guests might not talk about how great the plants looked, but that’s okay. One of the best things about the benefits of hotel lobby plants is that their impact is felt in subtle ways most guests won’t even notice.

For instance, walking into a lobby full of lush, thriving plant life provides guests with an atmosphere of fresh, clean air. This can be a sharp contrast to city air that is contaminated with car exhaust, industrial pollution, and cigarette smoke. That lungful of pristine oxygen leads to feelings of relaxation and happiness. Best of all, guests have no idea what’s causing this newfound repose—they just know they started feeling great as soon as they entered your hotel.

Once you install air-cleaning hotel lobby plants, you may find that guests are spending more time in your hotel lobby. They’re watching TV, taking advantage of the WiFi, working, or enjoying a beverage while they bask in all that clean air your plants have provided. Guests may also notice how the temperature and humidity is so perfect and comfortable—without ever realizing your hotel lobby plants affected that as well.

The covert benefits of plants are their own reward. Other strategies for increasing guest spending involve more obvious benefits such as sale pricing, improved amenities, or the customer service provided by staff. However, a portion of your client base will always be skeptical of overt attempts to win their business. With plants, the impact is subtle but powerful.

In addition to providing more breathable air, plants reduce ambient noise and can provide pleasing scents without artificial chemicals. The right plants can even make a headache go away! What other amenity can promise that?

Working with a plant care specialist or reputable vendor can help you select hotel lobby plants that can provide these benefits and more—allowing you to have a positive impact on the experience and health of your guests. For further details or assistance, contact Plant Interscapes at 1-888-284-2257.