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Wow Your Guests with the Right Hotel Plants

In many ways, acquiring and growing a customer base is a lot like hosting a party. Whenever you invite guests into your home—just like your business—you want to put your best foot forward. You want guests to be comfortable and for the event to be a pleasurable and memorable experience. In a hospitality business like a restaurant or hotel, the greenery you choose to augment the environment is almost as important as your staff and amenities. Since hotel plants serve multiple functions, they should always be included in your overall design concept.

Multiple Functions, Multiple Benefits

For example, start with your entryways. Tall hotel plants in your atrium can help regulate the temperature by slowing down the escape of heat or air conditioning from the building. Well-chosen greenery also provides clean, slightly fragrant air that helps clients relax and encourages deeper breathing. Guests may not notice this environment consciously, but it all impacts their overall experience in your hotel. Just like a party, relaxed and comfortable guests tend to be more open to spending time in your lobby or restaurants, giving the impression of a successful, thriving business.

Hotel plants also enhance the décor and can be used to great effect during group events, conventions, and gatherings. Setting up a unique plant display for an event helps guests feel special and shows them you’re willing to go the extra mile to make their experience superb.

In addition, not only do plants look lovely, but they also improve air quality and help keep rooms at a comfortable humidity level. They reduce toxins from luggage, traffic, air pollutants, and smoke, which can be extremely beneficial. Never underestimate the impact of free, easy breathing when it comes to producing happy guests.

Finally, thriving plants show hotel guests that you’re adept at taking care of things—including the specific needs of your customers.

For more information about how hotel plants can positively affect your bottom line, contact the professionals at Plant Interscapes by calling 1-888-284-2257.