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Benefits of hotel lobby plants


Whether for business or pleasure, when travelers arrive at your hotel, you want them to feel calm, relaxed, and welcome. Your staff works hard to give each guest the best experience, but did you know that live plants can also work towards providing exceptional service?

Here’s a look at three benefits of hotel lobby plants.

1. Cleaner Air

A lobby that is flush with fresh, live plants is a sharp contrast to travel-weary guests who have made their way through dirty airports, crowded trains, and harsh city conditions. One of the best benefits of hotel lobby plants is their ability to strip toxins from the air and replace them with oxygen and a fresh scent. Stepping inside your hotel will be a breath of fresh air and your guests will instantly relax and begin to feel at home.

2. Psychological Lift

Traveling can be a stressful activity, even if you’re on vacation or revisiting a favorite destination. A study from the Washington State University found that plants can directly reduce stress levels when used indoors. Other psychological lifts your guests will enjoy are an improved mood and sense of well-being and increased feelings of calm, relaxation, and optimism.

3. Clearer Thinking

Your business travelers may be preoccupied with their work instead of thinking about the benefits of hotel lobby plants, but you can secretly help them achieve better success. Indoor plants and flowers have been shown to improve idea generation, improve memory retention, and boost productivity. They might not know why everything seems to work better when they stay with you, but business travelers will keep coming back to enjoy their professional success.

AC-Hotel-Exterior-PlantsHappy Guests

The goal of every hotel is to make their guests happy. When you have the right environment combined with excellent staff, you can be sure that your guests will feel great when they choose your accommodations. Live plants will not only make your lobby look inviting and beautiful, but they will also help your guests feel better and work harder so they keep coming back.

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