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Austin Interior Plants: Succulents for Beauty and Healing

Austin interior plants In cities like Austin, interior plants are a great way to beat the heat and maintain a comfortable environment. Not only do they require less light and general care than plants typically found outdoors, but the aesthetic impact can be substantial. In fact, when dramatic options like trees, blooming florals, and succulents are chosen, an indoor plant display can be spectacular. Succulents, or moisture-filled plants like cacti, are an especially beautiful choice due to the varied shapes and colors available. They’re also easy to maintain, are not as fussy as flowers or other less hardy options, and have healing properties.

Caring for Succulents

Generally speaking, succulents are watered less frequently than other indoor plants. To see if your succulent needs watering, place a finger at least two inches deep into the plant’s substrate. The first two inches of soil should be dry, but you should feel moist soil beneath that. If not, water is needed. Bear in mind that keeping succulents too moist can prevent flowering and may also cause rotting at the roots.

Added Benefits of Succulents

Some succulents have medicinal properties that allow them to double as part of a first-aid kit. For example, the aloe plant seems ordinary enough at first glance, but those thick leaves are full of a clear, gooey ointment with tremendous healing properties. In sunny cities like Austin, interior plants such as aloe can be kept on hand to treat sunburns, and they may even be placed in kitchens to treat minor burns. Aloe can also heal gums and combat gum disease, and juicing aloe creates a beverage that’s beneficial for everything from ulcers to intestinal distress.

Where to Find Succulents

When in doubt about where to acquire indoor plants such as succulents, choose a reliable plant specialist who can tell you where the plants were sourced. Insist on a wide selection, and choose only plants you find truly beautiful. If all goes well, you and your interior greenery will be together for a long time. For more information about Austin interior plants or succulents, contact Plant Interscapes at 1-888-284-2257.