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Corpus Christi Interior Plants: A Burst of Color

Corpus Christi interior plants In a coastal city like Corpus Christi, interior plants may seem like an afterthought since there is already so much outdoor beauty. However, the right selection of indoor greenery can enhance any office or business environment, as well as add a burst of color wherever it’s needed. In addition, interior plants are a cost-effective way to boost mood and keep the air fresh.

The Myth Behind Flowering Plants

You may have heard that flowering plants are more difficult to grow or that you should avoid them until you develop a green thumb. The truth is, many kinds of flowering plants are easy to maintain, and they’ll bloom for much of the year in warm cities like Corpus Christi.

Try These Easy Blossoming Plants

  • The African violet is a popular flowering plant that’s easy to keep blooming with medium to bright light. As long as the soil is kept evenly moist and the planter has sufficient space for root growth, African violets will stay vibrant and flowering.
  • The poinsettia is another brightly colored plant that does well in warm temperatures like those found in Corpus Christi. Interior plants with bright red leaves that despise drafts and cold, poinsettias are actually tropical and thrive when given medium to bright light. Allow the soil to dry out slightly between watering, and these plants will stay colorful and beautiful all year. Keep in mind though that poinsettias and pets do not mix. The leaves, if chewed or eaten, can cause sickness or death in cats and dogs.
  • Lily and orchid plants are easily recognizable and love warm, humid climes. They don’t get along well with air-conditioning, but in the right environment, they can almost take care of themselves.

Find Corpus Christi Interior Plants

Evaluating reliable plant suppliers in Corpus Christi? Interior plants should appear healthy and well cared for. Specialists should be on hand to answer your questions and offer tips for optimal care and growth. They should also have a wide selection of plants, planters, and substrate available so you don’t have to make multiple trips.

Why wait? Add a little color to your interior today with flowering indoor plants. For more information, call Plant Interscapes at 1-888-284-2257.