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How Hard is it to Care for Living Wall Systems?

living wall systems

If you’re considering installing living wall systems in your home or office, you probably have a lot of questions. Aside from figuring out the costs, benefits, and logistics of installing, considering the long-term maintenance can be tricky. Those of us who don’t happen to be botanists may feel apprehensive about investing in such a huge project. If you’ve ever watched a plant whither and brown despite your best efforts, caring for an entire wall of greenery might seem impossible. What you may not realize is that there’s a wide variance in the requirements of living wall systems. Some setups and certain plants do have persnickety rules that must be followed, while others are much easier, even for the uninitiated.

Living wall systems are different than potted plants or gardens in several important ways. Wall gardens tend to use very little soil, which places a higher emphasis on irrigation. Proper irrigation can be done manually with a hose or watering can, or an irrigation system can be installed. Remember though, that the system must be inspected and maintained regularly to prevent disaster. Alternately, hydroponics are another option. This too requires a steady supply of water in order for greenery to thrive. Because there is less soil in living wall systems, regular plant feeding is also vital to keep your plants looking great.

Before you decide that living wall systems are too much work, consider the benefits of plants in the workplace. Indoor plants improve mood and productivity, freshen the air supply, reduce worker sickness and absenteeism, and may even lead to big LEED credits (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design). Plants offer an excellent return on investment in addition to looking great. Best of all, there are teams of plant specialists available who can care for your living wall system, so you can sit back and enjoy the benefits. Consult with one that will help you consider your options.