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An Office Plant Service Knows What Fits Your Space Best

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There are a multitude of great reasons to include plants in your office décor. Plants help clean the air while helping to regulate temperature and humidity. They’ve also been shown to boost mood and morale, thus increasing productivity and employee retention. Plants are nice to look at, can be fragrant, and remind us all of the importance of a green lifestyle. Well-placed greenery can minimize distractions, and even cut down on office noise. Some studies suggest that plants help combat “sick building syndrome” that causes seasonal illnesses to spread through a whole office – or even an entire company. However you look at it, indoor plants offer an excellent return on investment. That’s why the use of an office plant service is increasing in popularity.

Why use an office plant service? For lots of reasons! Unless you’ve been at it for years, you probably aren’t sure how to select plants for your specific space. Most of us choose plants because they look appealing or seem easy to care for. Office plant services include a consultation in your building(s) where professionals can assess your lighting, humidity, temperature, and space requirements. This allows them to present you with multiple options that will look great season after season – giving you beautiful, successful results while staying on budget.

After plant selection, an office plant service can also provide care and maintenance for your greenery, and even suggest updates based on growth, seasonal changes, or your own maturing business needs. The right office plant service will have a plan in place to deal with any issues that arise, and will guarantee their work. The professionals you choose should also tell you where your plants come from, and provide detailed information on how long installation and maintenance will take, and what it will cost. In short, hiring an office plant service will give you all the benefits of indoor plantscapes without the time and hassle of learning horticulture.