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What to Look for in an Interior Plant Service

Scindapsus Argyraeus plant ina white bot being held by a person

Business owners want a lot of the same things from their indoor office plants. These include beauty, ease of maintenance, affordability, and consistency of quality. Additionally, seasonal changeability, improvement of indoor air, and freedom to change one’s mind are also important factors. Plenty of interior plant service companies promise pretty plants that will stay alive, but how can you be sure that the horticulture professionals you hire will be able to meet all of your needs at a budget you feel good about?

Start by determining the budget you want to stay within, and by defining your specific needs. Are you looking for a few focal point plants near an entranceway or in your reception area or do you need mass-plantings to fill an atrium or raised beds? Do you want both indoor and outdoor plants? Should the changing seasons or approaching holidays make a difference in your desired plant layout? Whatever your choices, you’ll want to ensure that the interior plant service you hire is flexible enough to meet all of your needs without pressuring you to spend more than you’re comfortable with. Look for testimonials from local customers, and if possible, check them out in person. Your own eyes can tell you far more than an Email or phone call.

A reputable interior plant service should be upfront about all costs and expected delivery windows so that there are no surprises. They should freely tell you where they source their plants, what chemicals are used, and what any possible caveats are. They should know, for example, why a poinsettia is a bad choice for a pet store. Further, the interior plant service you choose should be well-versed not just in maintaining plants, but in helping you make the best selections based on space, light levels, preferred appearance, and desired functionality. Your satisfaction should be guaranteed within specific parameters that you are told upfront. Finding the right interior plant service can be the beginning of a long, lush, and beautiful relationship…with plants!