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Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Corporate Plants

corporate plants

Whether your business is located in a refurbished house or at the top of a skyscraper, corporate plants are an excellent investment. The right plant life can project a professional, nurturing environment to both your customers and staff, as well as offer multiple health-related benefits.


While corporate plants are a great investment for many reasons, today we’ll look at the top five:

  1. Visibility. Having healthy plants around sends the message that your company is nurturing and able to take care of greenery as well as clients. In addition, dynamic trees and healthy shrubs are memorable and pleasing to the eye, making them a useful focal point when giving directions. No one will forget that they need to turn left at the impressive indoor palm tree.
  2. Oxygen. Plants are the very best component for the air around them. Many plants filter out airborne toxins and dust, conquering “sick building syndrome” in a single season. In addition, office or corporate plants give a boost of oxygen that improves mood and increases work output. All that fresh air inspires relaxation and focus, leading to more productive meetings.
  3. Subtle scent. Corporate plants can offer olfactory sensation in the workplace without being artificial or perfume-like. The subtle fragrance of lavender or lemongrass has been shown to reduce typing errors and even quell office tension—not that your office needs to worry about that!
  4. Connection. Biophilia is the theory that humans have a need to connect with other living things in their environment. Corporate plants create a more natural environment that has been shown to improve employee and client relations. It’s well established that relaxed, engaged clients tend to spend more.
  5. Frugality. Corporate plants can save cooling costs by providing shade and helping to regulate air temperature. Plants also reduce noise levels by absorbing sound. This is especially true of living vertical gardens.


If you’re interested in corporate plants for your office, contact Plant Interscapes today. We’ll be happy to assist with any questions.