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Plants in the office reduce stress


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If you are looking for a way to increase productivity and reduce stress in your office, plants offer an inexpensive and attractive solution. There are actually many benefits of office plants.

Dr. Leonard Perry, Extension Professor of The University of Vermont, published an article titled, “Plants At Work, Indoors.” In his article, he cites some interesting studies and the results on the benefits of office plants.

  • Plants placed in strategic areas in your office reduce stress by 12%, and plants have a positive effect on an employee’s disposition.
  • Absence dropped by 14% when an attractive display of greenery was placed in the work environment.
  • Offices with plants have 60% less mold than offices without plants.

Other benefits of office plants include their ability to absorb toxins released into the air by carpets and other office building offenders, and plants reduce blood pressure too.

Professor Perry went on to state that researchers from Berkeley found office air quality was the reason for 40% of all sick days. Increasing air quality is one of the benefits of office plants, and just 15 to 20 plants clean up air in a 1,500 square foot area.

Additional benefits of office plants are noise reduction, while raising perception, and when plants are placed in work areas to define space employees are happier and healthier.

According to Plantscape, employees feel more secure when plants are in the office. When the foliage is placed in the an employee’s line of sight, productivity increased and employees were more responsive. Creativity and innovation is increased when employees were exposed to greenery. Plantscape goes on to report that plants reduce fatigue, headache, sore throats and coughs by significant amounts.

Employees feel good when foliage is abundant and placed in strategic areas in the office environment. Plants provide a welcoming ambiance and promote feelings of security and well being. Numerous studies from all over the world prove the results that investing in a well thought out display of live greens is well worth the cost.

Learn more about the benefits of interior plants in Green Living Walls in this free guide.

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