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The Benefits of Indoor Plant Rental

indoor plant rental

Everyone loves plants, probably because they have so much to offer. Plants have the ability to improve any environment they’re placed in. Whether they’re regulating temperature and humidity, keeping the sun at bay, or even gobbling up small insects, plants make any space seem more comfortable and inviting. Sometimes though, buying plants isn’t feasible for one reason or another. If you’re planning a special event like a convention, wedding, trade show, corporate function, or just a big ol’ party, it may behoove you to consider indoor plant rental instead of buying your greenery outright.

Indoor plant rental is a great option for your short-term plant needs. Renting your plants means that you’ll be consulting with specialists who can help you select varied flora that is complimentary to the event and to the space in question. Because rentals are mostly short-term, you’ll be getting your plants at their most attractive. This may mean leaves at their fullest and most colorful, or flowers that are fully, impressively in bloom. Horticulture professionals will know the best ways to transport and set up plant displays for maximum beauty, stability, and safety. When the big event is over, indoor plant rental services can come and remove the rental plants – leaving you free to deal with other things.

Indoor plant rental means no commitment on your part. Plants will be brought in and set up to your specifications, which is one less worry as you plan your party, wedding, convention, or other event. Renting plants is also much more cost effective than buying them, allowing you more options to achieve the lush look you want without breaking the bank. Plant rentals are especially nice for weddings since you can incorporate your wedding theme, and even your wedding flowers into displays. Similar plants can be purchased as favors or corporate gifts. The consultant you speak with should discuss all of these things with you, as well as offering suggestions on which plants will best meet your needs. Indoor plant rental gives you all the benefits of plants without the long-term commitment.