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Top 5 reasons for early holiday decor planning


We love to celebrate!


And holiday celebrations are at the top of our list. Celebrations improve our overall well-being, whether they are major milestones, daily wins, or calendar occurrences. One big reason that celebration is so important is because it reflects an overall feeling of gratitude and thankfulness for what we have.Most of us celebrate Christmas and the holiday season by decorating both in our homes and workplaces. Celebrating at work promotes a team culture and creates a sense of unity that is essential for inspiration, attraction and retention of our workforce, clients, and guests. But often we think holiday décor planning can be put off to the back half of the year. Not true. For those intending to celebrate and decorate for the holidays, consider the advantages of early planning.

Top 5 reasons to plan your Holiday Décor Early

1. Fresh memories of last year’s décor
Whether you are considering an entirely new design theme or adding a few additional elements, it’s always best to think about it when last year’s design package of fresh on your mind. We all get busy and memories fade. Consider your upcoming seasons enhancements when you can vividly recall what was done in the past. It provides a relevant starting point to build upon.
2. Best décor selection


Most products on the market are influenced by supply and demand. You do not want to be left behind by selecting the perfect color scheme only to find it is sold out. Early season decisions mean you will have an ample selection. Additionally, many larger or interactive display pieces are fabricated in Europe and made to order. Elements may be several weeks to be queued up for production and several more weeks on the water in transit. Take the pressure off yourself and commit early. You will rest assured the selections you expect will be delivered on time.

3. Early signing discounts
Our holiday production facility is open year-round. The reality is the demand increases as the year progresses. To even out the workload, we offer our customers attractive early signing discounts. This allows you to take advantage of favorable pricing. It allows us to balance our production schedule. A win-win by making an early decision.


  • Early design + sign benefits include:
    • Previous year’s pricing
    • 10% early signing bonus
    • Pay nothing until October/Q4 -or-
    • Opt-in to quarterly billing for an additional 4% off
4. Eliminate a known task

You know you need to do this. Who wants to have a lingering task on their mind throughout the year? Making decisions on Holiday décor are on most managers to do list each year. How nice would it be to have this task behind you and move on to other important matters? Moreover, working with your holiday designer is a satisfying experience — and our process is simple. We schedule an appointment, create a customized plan, then execute the plan together.

5. Preferred install dates
We all have special events and schedule needs schedules. It could be a holiday party, tenant event, or an owner’s visit. Perhaps it’s a desire to install the holiday package before thanksgiving, or perhaps after. In some settings, its advantageous to have the décor installed mid-November to get the greatest longevity and enjoyment of the décor. Your early planning means you will have the widest selection of available dates to have your décor in place when you want it.


So, let’s celebrate this year’s holiday season together with less stress and more enjoyment!
By preparing now, you can take advantage of all the benefits of early season planning.


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