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Office Interior Design Ideas for the Holidays


Holiday office décor is a fun treat for the staff, but is it really worth the investment? Studies show that seasonal decorations—including the liberal use of plants—isn’t just nice for employees, it’s great for business. If you’re looking for office interior design ideas, then, a full-service plant specialist can help you choose plants that are right for your specific environment. This expert will work with you to ensure the décor suits your business image, impresses your clients and won’t interfere with your staff’s workload.

First Impressions Are Everything

During the holidays, when clients or customers first enter your building, holiday-themed decorations should be one of the first things they notice. Holiday trees complete with festive bows or twinkling lights let your clients know you’re in the holiday spirit. This sends a message that your company is a fun place and the staff knows how to add a little playfulness to an otherwise serious and professional environment.

Your office interior design ideas might also include garlands or wreaths (with or without lights and additional décor) or even soft music to set a whimsical scene. A festive plant like a lily or poinsettia can be a welcoming addition to a reception area or waiting room.

How a Professional Can Help

Perhaps you have some concerns about adding holiday décor. You’re worried that you may not have time to implement your office interior design ideas, or you won’t have enough storage space for these items after the holidays.

That’s where a full-service plant specialist can help. In addition to choosing and setting up festive holiday plants and décor, the plant service will remove all traces of holiday accoutrements when you’re ready. That means employees won’t be pulled away from their regular work to deal with decorations, and you don’t need to worry about storage space.

Prepare for the Holidays Today

Reap the benefits of all your fantastic office interior design ideas without lifting a finger. Let the plant specialists at Plant Interscapes do it for you. Contact us today; we’ll be glad to assist.