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Part 2: The Competitive Edge: How Natura Can Help You Comply with the WELL’s Mind Concept

There’s no doubt that aligning with WELL Building standards gives your hotel the competitive edge, but to do this you need to work with the right partners. Here’s how Natura can help you comply with features of the WELL Mind concept, including the strategic integration of lush plant life for optimal effect.

Image of a hotel bedroom with a tree and a single couch

At Natura, we love working with companies that match our people-first approach to business. And, when it comes to hospitality, we really enjoy clients that understand the importance of sustainability in the hotel industry. If you’re a hotel navigating the ever-competitive hospitality industry and you want to stand out by aligning with WELL standards, we can help!

Image of a pot plant with a sneak plant

As a proud WELL partner,  we’re qualified to advise on some of the preconditions of the WELL Mind concept, including M02: Nature and Place. This is a feature of WELL’s Mind concept that speaks to the integration nature into your built environment. This involves incorporating nature and natural elements into high-traffic areas in your hotel, like lobbies, hallways and restaurants.

Not only does this help you earn your hotel a bronze-level WELL certification, it also transforms your space with lush greenery, giving you all the added benefits of incorporating plant life into your built environment. No doubt, meeting all the preconditions necessary for bronze-level status will no doubt prove how the WELL certification enhances the overall guest experience at your hotel.

Natura thrives on helping clients meet this MO2 precondition and is here to help you elevate your environment with biophilic design. As a people-first company, our number one priority is ensuring that our knowledge is used to help our customers succeed. Sharing our knowledge with partners is a part of this.

The Competitive Advantage of WELL-Certified Hotels

For Natura clients looking to earn a silver, gold or platinum WELL certification, we can also help with other Mind Concept features for M07: Restorative Spaces and M09: Enhanced Access to Nature.

One of the components required for M07 is the presence of natural elements (like plants) in an accessible non-workspace. M09 is broken up into two parts.  The first requires that at least 75% of workstations are in direct line of sight to a plant or natural feature, or are within 33 ft of one. The second requires occupants to be able to access an outdoor space with an area equal to or greater than 5% of the building's interior area, which is especially beneficial for your hotels rating

After earning a WELL certification, companies are re-evaluated annually, which means your investment in meeting WELL requirements should be continuous. This is why it’s beneficial to take advantage of any marketing and branding opportunities that the WELL certification offers. This is a brag-worthy accolade and something you should be advertising across all marketing collateral. Advertising your WELL certifications  showcases your status as a people-centered company that values sustainability. It also helps to attract eco-conscious travelers and holds  you accountable to the IWBI’s WELL Building Standard.

Another way you can hold your company accountable is to invest in partners who specialize in helping you maintain healthy plant life and high horticultural design standards (in keeping with the WELL Building Standard). This ensures that you continue to meet certain aspects of the WELL features M02, M07 and M09, which keeps you ahead of the curve and gives you the competitive advantage enjoyed by WELL-certified hotels.