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Houston Interior Plants: Amazing Indoor Trees

17 Houston Interior Plants Amazing Indoor Trees

Houston interior plants can include just about anything, since the Texas climate is well suited to a wide variety of greenery. However, a truly spectacular plant display is not complete without at least one indoor tree.

Trees can seem daunting because of their size. Like any indoor plant, though, the right materials and a little knowledge will let you enjoy indoor trees that thrive and may even grow flowers or fruit.

How to Start

Start by selecting your tree. When you’re browsing suppliers in Houston, interior plants selection should include multiple ficus trees, dwarf citrus or berry trees, and leafy indoor trees like the schefflera.

After you’ve made your selection, do the following before completing your purchase:

  • Visually inspect your potential tree to ensure that the trunk is sturdy with no soft spots. Also look closely to rule out bug or mite infestation.
  • It’s unlikely that your tree will grow too large for your home or office, but verify this with a Houston interior plants specialist at the store.
  • Once you’ve chosen a healthy tree, be prepared to purchase proper fertilizer, especially for fruit bearing trees. They’ll need to be fed as often as once a month.
  • Consider purchasing a platform on casters to help you move the tree when it grows too heavy to lift.

How to Maintain Your Indoor Tree

What about pollination? Proper budding can’t happen without helpful bees, right? Actually, indoor trees can be pollinated by hand with a clean, soft bristled paintbrush. Really! Use a paintbrush you’ve bought especially for this purpose to be sure plants won’t be contaminated. When you see open stamens, brush them lightly, moving from one stamen to the next. This will help your trees grow more flowers or fruit while leaving the bees outside where they belong.

Find Your Indoor Tree Today

Be sure to source your tree from a reliable local supplier who is knowledgeable about its care. With the right tools and know-how, an indoor tree can be a stately addition to any interior space. For more information, contact Plant Interscapes at 1-888-284-2257.