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Plants Benefit Business, Increase Occupancy Rates


What if I told you there is something out there that has the ability to make you happier, healthier, more productive, creative, and optimistic. In addition, it will increase your overall wellbeing while making you less susceptible to illness and depression.

Can you believe this something exists?

What if this same remedy also has a unique application in the business world with the ability to reduce absenteeism, increase tenant occupancy and retention, increase retail spending, enhance the perceived value of retail product and service offers, absorb noise and save energy, all the while improving indoor air quality.

Do want this something?

Chances are you are quite familiar with what I am describing and don’t even know it.

PLANTS. And they WORK.

The benefits are exponential. Plants are the most cost effective means to enhancing your environment’s physical appearance and occupant’s physiological state. Moreover, they have an immense impact on the chemical makeup of the air we breathe.

On average, people now spend 80-90% of their life indoors in artificial environments. This new modern lifestyle presents us with new problems within our indoor situations to consider concerning our health and wellbeing.

The study of these positive or negative effects our environment has on us is called environmental psychology, and conclusions of these studies have clearly shown that the environment in which we commonly operate have significant effects on our sense of well-being, emotion stability and stress limits.

Why or how does the natural environment have this effect on us?

We are innately connected to nature as it is the true constant in a world in which we have altered to suit our modern needs. This biophilic connection is often overlooked in our modern society and the results of ignoring our dire need to retreat to nature should be considered as a need and not a want.

Healthy indoor plants are the greenest way to ensuring a productive environment from an aesthetical and health benefit standpoint. All these associate benefits are only realized if you have indoor plants that are living and thriving. A professional interior landscaper has the tools and expertise needed to ensure you are maximizing your benefits and caring for your investment.

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