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Don’t let christmas sneak up on your business

Santa is shocked holding his hat

Even though it’s still months until Christmas, there’s no reason to wait for the big rush. You can start planning now and avoid the inevitable log jam of activity that the holiday season produces. With the year going by fast, the time to plan your business’ holiday decorating is ticking away.

Here are some great reasons why you should start getting ready now, instead of putting it off until the holidays are looming over you.

1. The 5P’s: Prior planning prevents poor performance

Your commercial decor can be hassle free, so you don’t have to worry about a thing when your business approaches Christmas. Whether you want trees for your office or you’re looking for a grand display for your lobby, getting ready early is the key. Your business doesn’t want to be the one with the sad little Charlie Brown Christmas tree out front. How embarrassing – and it won’t bring tons of shoppers to your door, either.

2. Attract more customers: Get those people through your doors and spending money

November and December are lucrative months for businesses, and you might see up to 20% of your yearly revenue during that time. That’s a golden opportunity to show off your business’ amazing products and services to people who will come back and shop with you again in the new year. If you don’t decorate well and show off what your business can offer, you could lose out on holiday sales and returning customers.

3. Time isn’t really on your side: Get your decorations planned now so you can enjoy the season

How great would it be to have all of your holiday decorations ready and planned, and then be able to relax and enjoy more of the fun of the holiday season? You might say that’s just a pipe dream, but you really can have that level of Christmas joy. Good planning now means a good time later, and enjoying the season can help you make some great memories for your business– more importantly, your family.

4. Happy employees: Your employees’ joy can be a contagious trend

A festive and fun environment can also really enhance team building in the workplace, leading to happier employees. Happy employees are hard-working employees. They make more effort and help more customers, leading to a better work environment and more sales. Nothing about that is bad, so keeping employees happy with a stress-free holiday season is worth doing.

5. A less stressful christmas: No one wants that holiday heart attack

The stress of the holiday season can be so bad that it can put your health at risk. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to make things easier. Planning early is a big part of that stress relief. You won’t need to do everything at the last minute, so you can keep your stress levels low and enjoy good health through the holiday season and into the new year.

Visit the Seasonscapes Portfolio today to see how we have assisted businesses in the past, or talk with a member of our design team to learn about the science behind holiday decoration and to get your planning in order. When the holidays come around, you’ll think back to today and be so glad you got started early!