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Impress Your Customers and Staff with Our Office Plant Services


When you consider all the good they do, keeping plants around the office is a no-brainer. The right types of office greenery can clean pollutants from the air, improve mood, increase accuracy and productivity, and even cut down on worker illnesses. Well-maintained plants also demonstrate your caring and competence to customers. However, what if you don’t have the time or knowledge to choose appropriate plants and keep them looking great? That’s when an office plant service can save the day.

How an Office Plant Service Works

An office plant service can assist in several ways. Plant specialists can look at your space and determine the types of plants that will best meet your needs, creating a dynamic display that sets the scene for strong business relationships. Once the plants are selected and installed, the staff will return regularly to feed, water, and care for the plants—repotting as needed and switching out any greenery that isn’t doing well.

In addition, perhaps you also need plants to make an important business meeting feel even more professional. An office plant service can come to the rescue again. Whether you’re preparing for a conference, a visit from the company president, or an employee retreat, beautiful plants and décor can be brought in and set up, then dismantled and taken away afterwards. This way you avoid getting stuck with plants and planters you can’t possibly use, and there are no tedious setups and teardowns.

Cost vs. Benefits

Many business owners feel that the monthly fee for an office plant service is minimal compared to the benefits. For example, when you buy plants, you’re buying them just for as long as they live. When you use an office plant service, however, you can change your plants by season, for holidays, or whenever you have the urge. That’s because a service provides ongoing care and ongoing customer satisfaction.

An office plant service is a wonderful way to reap the benefits of a green thumb—without lifting a finger. For further information or a consultation, contact Plant Interscapes at 1-888-284-2257.