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Best office plants that look great

Perhaps you’re a fan of indoor office plants in your workspace, or perhaps until now, the thought of adding plants has never really crossed your mind.

Regardless, the addition of office plants can breathe life into any space and make it feel more homey. Plus, there are proven benefits of office plants from reduced stress to improved air quality. Read more

But today, we’re just focusing on the best office plants that look awesome! The following office plants are sure to catch your eye, as well as the eye of your coworkers and customers.


best office plants pathos

Pothos plants are lovely with their green heart shaped leaves, splotched with white spots. These popular plants have green stems that are rope-like, and can grow quite long. This potted plant will look great on your desk or a nearby shelf.


best office plants philodendron

One species of Philodendrons, which are beautiful foliage plants, happen to be climbers. This species make wonderful office plants and are ideal for adding height to any space that is small. Place this plant on a file cabinet or go with a hanging basket.

Spider Plants

best office plants spider plant

The spider plant is sure to make a statement with its spiderettes, which are spider plant babies, that hang from the main plant. Generally pretty small white flowers appear and then become spiderettes. Spider plants can be found in variegated and green varieties and are great conversation starters.

Snake Plants

best office plants snake plant

For truly unique indoor office plants, snakes plants, also sometimes referred to as mother-in-law’s tongue, are a must. The attractive green leaves,which sometimes have yellow along the edges, look like swords and can grow quite tall. This plant makes a great focal point in any office.

You do not want to miss out on these and other attention grabbing plants for the office!

A professional designer from Plant Interscapes will assist you in choosing the best office plants for your business that not only look great, but include the best benefits of live plants for your space. Contact us today!

Also enjoy this free Green Living Wall Guide. Green Living Walls are another aesthetically pleasing plant design for your office.

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