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How to Cut Your Indoor Plant Maintenance Costs

indoor plant maintenance

If you’re looking for indoor plants for your office or place of business, it’s probably because you already know the myriad benefits they offer. Well-chosen palms, ferns, ficus, spider, and ivy plants bring stunning visual appeal in addition to their many health benefits. But what if you and your staff are ill-equipped for any indoor plant maintenance? What if your budget is tight and you can’t afford to purchase plants only to have them die if they’re not well maintained? Never fear. There are plenty of ways to reduce the cost of indoor plant maintenance.

How to Trim Those Plant Costs

For starters, select plants that are forgiving and easy to maintain. Matching your plant selections with your skill level means your greenery can live and thrive.

If daily or weekly maintenance seems like a hassle, try cacti. Cactus plants vary greatly in size, shape, and color and can therefore create impressive displays that require less maintenance than many other plants.

Also, research your local climate and choose greenery that will work well in your environment. Careful plant placement is crucial to successful indoor plant maintenance. For example, if you can’t put your plants near a door or window, it’s best to avoid those that require a lot of sunlight.

Another option is to hire an indoor plant maintenance service, which can lead to savings in the long run. Trusting the professionals to handle your indoor greenery means a guarantee of healthy plants with a minimum of effort. A plant maintenance service can help you choose plants that will prosper in your particular business environment and enhance your existing design concept while providing the visual and health benefits you desire. These experts will feed, water, and maintain your plants as needed and replace them if necessary or whenever you decide that a change is in order. For more information, contact Plant Interscapes at 1-888-284-2257 today.