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Creating Interiorscapes to Fit Your Office’s Needs


Once you’ve made the decision to invest in plants for your office, the next step is a big one. Creating attractive and effective interiorscapes will require a fair bit of research on your part. Until now, you’ve probably only looked at your office from the perspective of an employee. Try looking again from the perspective of a plant. This means considering how light and temperature change in your office during business hours and beyond. Think about the heat or cold coming in from outside, humidity changes, traffic, and any chemicals being used indoors – such as those for copy machines and printers, or cleaning solutions. A successful interiorscape begins by finding plants that can live well in your specific office environment.

The next step is to determine exactly where the plants will be placed. Avoid disaster by choosing spaces where your new greenery will not be accidentally kicked or tripped over, or knocked from a shelf or desktop. The last thing you want is for plants to be considered in the way. Think about foot traffic in your office so that plants can be placed in locations that are good for them, as well as convenient to your staff.

What if you’ve done your research, but you’re still not sure how to proceed? Happily, there are plant specialists in your area who can help. A supplier who specializes in interiorscapes is just who you need to discuss plant selection and placement, care and maintenance, and how to reap maximum benefits from your investment in indoor plants. Ideally, your supplier will work with you to design an interiorscape that will lend beauty and improve functionality in your office, while staying within your budget. They can also help you find solutions to ongoing maintenance concerns. The best suppliers will guarantee your satisfaction, so there’s no risk to you or your company’s investment. A lush plant interiorscape may be just what your office needs to remain a cut above the rest.