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How Hotel Lobby Plants Deliver a High-Class Experience

The benefits of hotel lobby plants go far beyond mere décor. If you’re choosing hotel lobby plants based solely on appearance, you may be missing all the benefits they can provide. While visuals are important and can strongly impact any space, well-chosen plant life can also affect client spending, mood, and overall experience.

For example, when a guest enters a hotel lobby, plants provide a burst of fresh air that goes right to the brain—inducing a feeling of calm and relaxation. Never underestimate this sense of well-being provided by plants, because relaxed, happy customers are more likely to linger in the lobby and make use of amenities, or send a Tweet about how great their stay is going. That word of mouth can help any business.

Creating a Luxurious Atmosphere

However, improving your guest experience with hotel lobby plants doesn’t mean choosing random greenery and scattering it around. Carefully select the right hotel lobby plants, and you can accomplish several things at once. First, this greenery can provide fresh, clean air that impacts the client experience in a covert way. Thriving plants can send the message that your business is successful, healthy, and well managed. And tall plants like gum trees, indoor palms, or cacti can look impressive and beautiful, helping your business appear downright opulent.

On the other hand, brown or limp plants may send the opposite message—which means that plant care is every bit as important as plant selection. Selecting plants and planters, along with their regular upkeep, require careful consideration and knowledge.

Consulting the Experts

That’s why consulting professionals to help is often more cost effective than a trial-and-error approach. An indoor plant service can help you select the ideal hotel lobby plants for your space and pair them with planters that enhance your existing décor. Better still, a service can perform regular maintenance and even replace plants that aren’t looking their best. This leaves you free to do what you do best: run your business.

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