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How Live Plants can Enhance the Hotel Guest Experience

Hotel guests speaking to a lady behind the best with a moss wall by Natura behind her

Every hotel has an ambience that is created by the room’s decor, furniture, and color scheme. The colors, tones, textures, and embellishments all tell a story and actually send a message about the hotel to guests and employees.

How does your hotel space make guests feel?

Whether the message your hotel communicates is luxury, trendy, boutique, or relaxation, the aesthetics is a major part of the guest experience.

The ability to convey the right feeling can come in many forms from adding art or even moving the furniture around. But there is one addition that is not often utilized to its full potential — live plants.

Benefits of Live Plants in Hotels


Live plants contribute to the distinct style and feel hotel managers try to convey in their hotel. Like other types of hotel decor, plants and their corresponding vessels can significantly alter the look and feel of a space.

Plants can be used in various ways. They can be the center of attention like a large scale green wall or tall palm trees. Plants can also be used to compliment a small area like in the corner of a sitting area in the lobby or on the welcome desk.

In addition, adding plants is an economical way to impact and add style to the common areas of the hotel. The feel of the hotel space can be significantly enhanced by the types and sizes of plants and their corresponding vessels, as well as intentional placement.

As much as any other decor item, plants contribute to the overall look and feel of the hotel and the message or tone it’s trying to evoke. Plants and containers come in many sizes, shapes, and colors that will compliment and enhance the rest of the space.

Revenue Per Guest

Guests perceive a hotel space with live, well-cared for plants as more welcoming, relaxed and upscale. In addition, guests are more willing to stay longer and spend more when live plants are in the space.

Increasing occupancy rates is the name of the game for hotel general managers. While many factors can contribute to increased occupancy, studies show that live plants are economical, beautiful contributors. Learn more about increasing occupancy rates

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