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Should You Get a Vertical Garden Wall?

Vertical garden done by Natura in an office with blue chairs and brown dividers

Have you heard about vertical garden walls? They’re also called “green walls” or “living wall gardens.” A vertical garden wall can be indoors or outdoors and can grow flowers, greenery, leafy plants of all kinds, and even herbs and other edibles.

Wondering if a vertical garden wall is right for you? Good question. Do you wish you could have lots of plants, but you don’t have enough window or shelf space? Are there children, dogs, or clumsy roommates around who might topple any planters? Is there really only one part of your living area that gets good light? Or do you simply want to add more life and color to a room? These are all great reasons to consider a vertical garden wall.

If you’re ever on Pinterest, you already know there are plenty of ways to build your own vertical garden wall—though where the people on Pinterest get so many free pallets is anybody’s guess. Of course, while living wall gardens are wonderful, a poorly or hastily constructed one can be frustrating and even dangerous.

The right installation, on the other hand, requires minimal maintenance and can turn any wall—inside or outside—into a beautiful living work of art.

Finding a vendor for your vertical garden wall is an important step. Insist on a company that sources its own plants and can tell you where each one originates. The plant specialist you choose should be upfront about costs and time frames and should offer a written guarantee. The specialist should also have an expansive selection of indoor and outdoor plants, and should be able to help you select plants that work together in your vertical garden wall to create the exact look you desire.

Living wall gardens are a beautiful and natural addition to any décor. Maybe it’s time you had one of your own. For further assistance, contact Plant Interscapes at 1-888-284-2257.