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Green Living Wall Giveaway Winner

green living wall giveaway plant interscapes

Congratulations to Tableau Software in Austin, Texas, the winner of our Green Living Wall Giveaway!

Tableau is among the worlds fastest growing business intelligence companies with breakthrough products that change the way people use and analyze their data in the office and on-the-go.  Their leadership is passionate and dedicated to making Tableau a great place to work, placing a high value on enhancing their office environments.  Tableau believes in their people and understands that the quality and happiness of employees lives directly impact the quality of work they produce.  Their HR team studies hiring trends to optimize their facilities for employee comfort to drive growth–

“It’s not about living to work hard.  It’s about working somewhere great to live well.”

Tableau Software will be receiving a free installation of their Green Living Wall and complementary plants.

(Pictures to come)
We would like to thank everyone who entered!

Read about the benefits of Green Living Walls and the research to prove it.

And right now through June, save 15% on Green Living Walls and all plant and container purchases!

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