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Best office plants that are easy to maintain

There are many benefits to creating a work environment that is warm and welcoming. Plants add a touch of personality to otherwise drab spaces, but it’s important to choose the right ones for your needs.

Some plants don’t do well in an office environment, so it’s best to choose plants that are tolerant of poor light and erratic watering schedules.

Here are some of the lowest-maintenance house plants that work very well in an office setting.

Spider Plants

Spider Plant

The spider plant is perfectly suited for hanging baskets or sitting on high shelves.  They require little light and can happily grow in partially sunny or shady areas.  They’re an excellent option in office spaces where there aren’t many windows or much natural light.  They only need an appropriately-sized pot filled with good-quality potting soil.  They can survive with an erratic watering schedule and should do just fine under plain fluorescent lighting.  If you notice a spider plant start to look droopy or brown, it might need a dose of brighter light and a bit more water.  Otherwise, they’re one of the hardier varieties of indoor office plants.

We also discussed spider plants here.

Peace Lilies

best office plants peace lilies

These shade-loving beauties are perfectly happy far from windows and natural light.  Peace lilies are exceptional natural filters and have gorgeous, softly-scented blooms.  Their easy care and hardy nature make them some of the best office plants around.  They should be planted in good-quality, loosely-packed potting soil in a pot that provides good drainage.  The soil should never be allowed to completely dry out, so a stable watering schedule is needed.  With proper care, their leaves are gorgeously green and they bloom frequently.


best office plants pilodendron

Philodendrons are an excellent choice for office spaces because they’re very difficult to kill.  Hanging baskets or pots on high shelves work well for these hardy plants.  They don’t mind a little sunlight, but can thrive in artificial lighting conditions, too.  They need to be watered fairly regularly, about twice a week.  By providing them a decently-sized pot and good, loosely-packed potting soil, they’ll be happy and healthy; a truly beautiful addition to your office area.

Making the Right Choice

Choosing the right plants for the office will ensure that you have a workspace that is warm and welcoming, as well as healthier.  From better air quality to greater productivity, having some green plants in the office can make all the difference, both for your business and your employees. Read more about the benefits of office plants.

The horticulture specialists at Plant Interscapes can also help you choose the best plants for your environment. Contact us today!

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