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4 Advantages of Indoor Plants

advantages of indoor plants

Humans are no strangers to the benefits of plants. Throughout history, we have continued to expand our uses of plants for food, medicine, and other practical applications. We humans have an instinctive, often subconscious bond or urge to associate and connect with other living systems coined the biophilia hypothesis. Plants can help keep the sun off our backs, send mosquitoes and other pests away, and make otherwise barren landscapes more inviting. There are plenty of advantages of indoor plants. It cannot be denied that the biophilic relationship between plants and human beings is a long and treasured one.

If you’re thinking about applying the advantages of indoor plants to your business, there are even more great reasons to do just that. First and foremost, the right selection of plants can make any space more comfortable. Researchers at Chicago Hospital have demonstrated that patients with plants in their rooms heal faster and have better outcomes than patients with no plants at all. It’s suggested that plants lower stress, improve mood, and encourage relaxation in people and animals.

In a work setting, reduced stress leads to employees who feel more rested, alert, focused, and cheerful. Yes, plants actually help people become more cheerful. Given that smiles are contagious, a well-placed plant can put everyone in a better mood—and lead to good feelings all around. Employers often find that the introduction of indoor plants leads to increased worker productivity and flexibility, as well as an improvement in employee morale. This may mean that an investment in indoor plants can pay for itself in a relatively short time.

One of the best advantages of indoor plants is that, well chosen, they improve the environment. Plants improve air quality by filtering out toxins in the air through a process called bioremediation. Carpets, draperies, adhesives, even upholstered furniture emit fumes of numerous volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), like benzene or formaldehyde, into the air. Nobody should be breathing that! Copy machines release chemicals that can affect ozone as well as human lungs; while cleaning products like those used for dusting or in restrooms also release chemicals into the air. The right plants properly spaced can reduce these toxins by up to 70% or more. That helps everybody breathe easier.

However, it’s not just about chemicals. One of the often overlooked advantages of indoor plants is that they help regulate humidity. Winter and summer months are especially prone to dry indoor air, which leads to sore throats, coughing, and increased feelings of fatigue. Several varieties of plants will keep humidity at comfortable levels so clients and employees alike can feel great and perform at their best.

Both scientific studies and informal surveys indicate that the presence of well-maintained indoor plants can help businesses make a strong first impression. Because horticulture is a skill, an expanse of healthy plants can send a message of professionalism, consistency, and success – exactly what you want your business to project. Whether your goal is to increase your client base, or attract the very best employees, there are tremendous advantages of indoor plants that are healthy, lush, and plentiful. The right plant specialist will help you choose plants that are best for your environment, and sure to create exactly the impression you’re hoping for.

If you’re not already reaping the advantages of indoor plants, there are trained professionals standing by to help you get the most out of indoor greenery. Plants are nice to look at, which may be why being surrounded by plants puts people in a good mood. Never underestimate the effect of beauty in a work place. Color therapy can be incredibly effective in an office or business setting. Greens are calming and reassuring, while vibrant reds and yellows encourage a sense of well-being and can lead to increased productivity. The advantages of plants are numerous, and can be had on nearly any budget. It might be time to take a look, and see what everyone is talking about.