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10 Ways Office Plants Are Their Own Reward

sa-mcallister-plaza-r (1)Look around any office, and chances are you’ll see a plant or two. There are lots of great reasons to keep greenery around your office, restaurant, or other business setting. It doesn’t have to be expensive, and you may even find that plants can pay for themselves in a relatively short time. Let’s look at some of the ways office plants can benefit an indoor work environment.


Here are 10 of the many benefits:

  • Oxygen. When it comes to air, plants are the opposite of mammals. We breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. Office plants take in all that carbon dioxide and convert it back into clean oxygen—the kind our lungs crave. If you’re skeptical that a little clean air can make that much of a difference in mood and well-being, spend a little time in an oxygen bar.
  • Filtration. While your office plants are breathing out all that oxygen, they’re filtering chemicals that may be found in carpets, furniture, cleaning chemicals, paper, printer cartridges, electronics, and more. Clean air means healthier and more productive employees.
  • Wellness. Many types of headaches—including migraines—are caused or exacerbated by chemicals in the air. Few things affect concentration more than an aching head. Cutting down on headaches leads to employees that are more focused, leading to higher productivity and fewer mistakes on the job.
  • Anti-germ. Much like a large bottle of hand sanitizer, the right office plants can reduce the spread of germs around the office. This decreases illnesses, meaning fewer employees will call in sick. Even better, reducing the number of sick employees can halt the cycle of “sick building syndrome” and lead to better health for everyone.
  • Dust away. Air filtration via office plants isn’t just good for employees and clients. Keeping the air clean and breathable is also better for computers, phone systems, and heavy machinery. This means less time spent dusting and cleaning out fussy electronic components. It can even lead to replacing equipment less often, which can result in big savings for your business.
  • Medicinal aid. Ever wonder why your favorite pizzeria or sandwich shop keeps an aloe plant near the grill or oven? It’s because nothing is better on scrapes, small cuts, or mild burns than the gel inside the leaves of an aloe plant. Have the sniffles? A eucalyptus plant can help. Take some time to look into the medicinal qualities of office plants to decide which ones might benefit your employees the most.
  • Humidity. Plants do an excellent job of regulating the humidity in a given space. Keeping air sufficiently humid is essential for employees who talk all day (say, in a phone bank or call center). Office plants are just as good as an electric humidifier but are more cost effective to purchase.
  • Mood lifting. Some studies suggest that plants improve mood. Whether this is a matter of color therapy (surrounding yourself with color designed to elicit a specific emotional response), aromatherapy, or just better air quality, the link between plants and good moods is a strong one.
  • Smoke out. You probably don’t allow cigarettes in your office. But if you work next to a smoker, you know that it’s a smell that lingers. Plants like the peace lily can remove smoke residue from the area, allowing for cleaner air for everyone.
  • Lookin’ good. Well-maintained plants can improve the look of any office, lobby, waiting room, or restaurant. They give clients the impression of competence and professionalism while offering up all the above benefits. Think you don’t have room for an office plant display? Look into vertical wall gardens that offer lush greenery without taking up valuable floor and desk space.


If you’re interested in experiencing these 10 benefits and more for your office, talk to a plant care specialist. This professional can help you identify and acquire the greenery that’s best for your business.