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Why Plant Leasing May be the Perfect Option

plant leasingLush greenery can be a wonderful boon to the look and feel of any business environment. However, what if year-round plants are too much to handle? What if you need a spectacular plant display but only for a little while, like for a special event? There are many situations in which plant leasing can save the day, including parties, conventions, reunions, weddings, annual meetings, and more.


Benefits of Plant Leasing

The right plant leasing agent can help you select greenery, trees, or flowers for your event. The agent will also guide you through choosing appropriate planters and displays, ensuring that the end result is effective. Your guests will be impressed with the scenery, while you’ll be pleased with your savings. With plant leasing, there’s no need to spend big money purchasing plants, planters, and displays.

Plant leasing also means that someone else will deliver all the plant life for your event and set it up. This frees you to handle the finer details that always seem to present themselves at the last minute. Even better, when the event is over, your plant leasing specialists will come back, tear down the greenery displays, and take them away so you don’t have to.

Holidays are another wonderful time for plant leasing. Clients and employees enjoy brightly lit and decorated trees, live wreaths, and beautiful living garlands adorned with ribbon and sparkle. But who has time to decorate? And who wants to exhaust themselves later by tearing down the displays, taking the tree to the dumpster, and boxing up and storing ornaments? Plant leasing not only takes all the work out of holiday décor, it also ensures that plants are cared for afterwards.

Choose Less Hassle

If you’re planning a special event and don’t want the hassle or expense of purchasing, installing, and removing plants, make it easy on yourself and leave the plants to the professionals.