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Creating an Impact with the Right Office Planters

Office with plants

Whether it’s choosing flooring, wall coverings, or window treatments, creating an atmosphere is vital to any successful business. And when it’s time to add greenery to the scene, the plant containers you select are as important as the plants themselves. This is because planters not only impact the health and appearance of plants, they affect their surroundings, too. Since choosing the right office planters can be tricky, it helps to follow some guidelines.


Choosing Materials

First, consider the materials. Planters can be ceramic, fiberglass, metal, plastic, or wood. It’s also now possible for office planters to be made of glass fiber reinforced with concrete. Keep in mind that every material has its own benefits and caveats. Ceramic or terra cotta pots help control moisture but are heavy and easily broken. Wood is the most natural, but it can be prone to rotting, and metal planters are strong and non-porous, yet they can sometimes react with soil or chemicals, which can cause myriad problems. Take into account your plants as well as their environment when choosing materials for your office planters.

Seeking Advice

When selecting plant containers, it’s also helpful sometimes to seek advice from professionals. This may be the same vendor that supplies your plants, or even a design consultant if you have one. The office planters you choose should fit the dynamic of your décor, enhancing the mood you’ve already cultivated. There are also practical and functional considerations, like floor planters versus those that could be accidentally knocked off a desk or counter.

Reaping the Benefits

Once you’ve determined the types of office planters to use, you can choose details such as sizes, styles, and colors. That’s almost as fun as selecting the plants! When you’re finished, all that’s left is to sit back and reap the benefits of your greenery sitting in their perfect office planters.

For more information on planters or related services, contact Plant Interscapes today at 1-888-284-2257.