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Benefits of Corporate Plants: Overt and Covert

Tree in an office with white chairs and a table that has a laptop on it

Design concepts in the business world are vastly different than those for a home. Whether we’re talking about carpets, furniture, color schemes, or plant life, the goals and needs of a business environment should be more focused and results-oriented than just simple aesthetic beauty. However, these two environments do have some things in common. An office or waiting area for clients should be as comfortable and welcoming as a living room. Greenery should be practical, dynamic, and easy to maintain to maximize the benefits. Let’s look at how to make the most of corporate plants in a business environment.

Customer Appeal

Clients will notice there are plants when they enter a lobby or reception area. If they see healthy, thriving plants, it gives the impression of success. That’s an overt benefit: corporate plants make your business seem more successful, more nurturing, and better able to take care of clients.

Plants also provide fresh, relaxing air. They may have a mild fragrance that induces calm, deep breathing and a sense of well-being. Clients won’t know that the plants are doing it, but they’ll feel it. That’s a covert benefit of corporate plants in a business setting.

Employee Perks

Your employees will love plants too. Bringing a few into the office to place around cubicles, conference rooms, the break room, or a call center area may seem like a thoughtful gesture from management. What employees may not know is that the plants are scrubbing toxins from the air and providing fresh oxygen. These toxins, which are found in cleaning chemicals, carpets, or computer and printer components, can affect employee health, focus, and mood. You might also be surprised to find that corporate plants cut down on employee call-ins for illnesses and may improve productivity and decrease error rates.

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