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Welcome Clients with Atrium Plants

Monstera Leaves against a white wall

Have you ever been in a little room with plants, a skylight, and maybe a bench? They’re pretty great, aren’t they? Those spaces are called atria (or atrium in the singular), and they can serve as a lobby, entrance, or loading or waiting area for a business, and as a welcoming area for clients. This kind of indoor/outdoor environment is well disposed toward greenery of all kinds. How should atria be designed, though, and how can we know what makes for good atrium plants? The answers are fairly uncomplicated.

First and foremost, you’ll want to keep in mind the indoor and outdoor considerations of your atrium. Trees may seem like an excellent idea—and they can be. However, a tree near an open skylight may also be seen as an invitation to squirrels, neighborhood cats, birds, and more. If that’s not something you desire, be sure to arrange your atrium plants and trees so they can’t be accessed via the skylight. If you do include a tree or two, consider hardy but compact species like ficus, palm, or yucca trees. These are often best kept in large, sturdy planters that allow adequate room for root growth.

Thinking about flowers? Many types of flowers make wonderful atrium plants, provided you’ve done your research. Conditions in every atrium will be a little different, so be sure to select flowers that will thrive in your specific environment. This means taking the temperature, shade, humidity, and light all into account before buying any flowering atrium plants.

For Further Assistance

In a business environment, atrium plants provide a welcoming focal point for clients while they show off your green thumb and design sense. If this sounds like a lot of work and planning, however, great atrium design and maintenance can also be handled by the professionals—which leaves you free to enjoy your beautiful new atrium. For more information, contact Plant Interscapes at 1-888-284-2257.