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[UPDATE] Holiday decor ideas to attract more people to malls

The benefits of curating an inviting physical retail space far outweigh any benefits that online shopping can bring, especially when it comes to the holidays. Investing in seasonal and holiday decor for your mall can be your ticket to increased foot-traffic and spreading festive joy. 

mall holiday decor in the food court

Physical stores and shopping malls suffered a hard knock post-pandemic. The speed and general improvement of online shopping gave consumers the convenience of shopping from home. But, online retail sites can never be as compelling as a physical space that offers an immersive shopping experience, especially one that embraces the holiday spirit.

Capitalizing on the one thing online platforms don’t have—the opportunity to spark joy and captivate crowds with fun festivities and seasonal décor—is the easiest way to attract shoppers to malls and shopping centers. By creating a positive and welcoming atmosphere with enticing window displays and themed decorations, you can give shoppers something to remember and talk about besides the day’s purchase.

The way you leverage this opportunity becomes increasingly important in the face of heightened competition from online catalogs and the convenience of the internet. At Natura, we believe in the power of spectacular holiday decor, especially when it comes to attracting much-needed foot traffic and curating impactful spaces that people will remember forever.

Holiday decor has always been a passion of ours, which is why we offer custom and full-service design options that make it easy for you to get employees and customers into the festive spirit. We’ve been offering holiday decorating services for years, and have learned some things along the way…

Transform Your Mall

Mal holiday decor ideas in a passage wayThere’s more to seasonal décor than simply hanging lights and setting up a tree. With some thoughtful décor choices, you can transform your mall into a festive wonderland, encouraging shoppers to visit your mall for the immersive experience it offers.

Beyond specific items they might be looking for, people go to a mall or shopping center for food, entertainment and all the extra bells and whistles that can make shopping cheery and delightful. During the holidays, shoppers look forward to seasonal activities like: 

  • hot chocolate stations
  • kids’ activity corners
  • pop-up stores
  • photo booths
  • themed shopping bags
  • samples of new and trending products

Visitors also love live music,Christmas carols, and the wholesome experience of celebrating winter coziness and family time during the most magical time of the year. 

Malls and shopping centers have the upper hand when it comes to curating the perfect holiday experience. It’s a fun responsibility that online retailers will never have, so make sure you take advantage of your ability to create a 360° immersive experience for your customers.

Stay Ahead of the Trends

Mall holiday decor at the entrance by the doorAdorning your mall with beautiful seasonal décor can instantly put shoppers in a festive mood. Not only does this enhance the overall shopping experience, but it also encourages impulse buying, as shoppers are more likely to indulge in holiday-themed products and gifts. 

 This 2019 study on impulse buying found that well-designed environments can trigger spontaneous purchases, which offers a significant boost to your bottom line during the holidays. It’s also a simple way to leverage certain times of year. In December, people look forward to beautifully lit Christmas trees, themed ornaments, creative wreaths, lighting displays, and any other elements that signal Christmas break and together time.

But, shoppers are also discerning. They will know if you put out the same tired décor season after season. Aside from Christmas, this also applies to any other holidays, including Valentine’s Day, St Patrick's Day, Easter, the 4th of July, and Thanksgiving.

At Natura, we understand the importance of creating captivating holiday displays that deliver on both aesthetic appeal and business benefits. Our team of experts design and install holiday decorations tailored to your mall's unique needs, ensuring a seamless and stress-free process. And, with your best interests at heart, our designers make sure that all your holiday displays reflect the latest trends and seasonal motifs to help you capture the magic of any holiday or season.

Get Tenants Involved in the Fun

With on-trend holiday decor and an immersive festive experience, you can transform your mall into the preferred destination for holiday outings. So, don’t take your foot off the gas when it comes to individual stores and encourage top-notch window displays from your tenants as well.

According to a 2016 study on the impact of store windows, creative and attractive window displays can significantly influence consumer behavior, as well as increase foot traffic. Holiday shoppers will be looking for the perfect gifts to spoil their loved ones. And what better way than an artfully curated window display to let them know that each specific store stocks something they’re looking for? 

A festive workplace can also boost employee morale, giving staff a heightened sense of cheer and motivation. This translates to better customer service, which will certainly lead to an increase in sales.

Don’t Forget About the Exterior

Exterior options for seasonal décor can play as big a role as interior design options. It’s easy to overlook key outdoor real estate, like rooftops, light poles, marquee signs, banner signs and main entry ways, which are all spaces that can offer great décor opportunities. Moreover, these are spaces that lend themselves to seasonal change, which is something we excel in.

Natura’s holiday decor packages for offices, hotels and commercial spaces give you less stress and more joy during the busiest times for retailers everywhere. We handle everything—from creating a specially tailored design package that suits your needs, to stress-free installation, take-down, and off-site storage.

Read our 2015 version here  


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