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Office Plant Care: 5 Signs You’re Doing it Wrong

Hotel Lobby PlantsEverybody loves plants around the office. They clean and purify the air and help regulate temperature and humidity, making the whole office more comfortable. But what if all the beautiful plants you buy never last? What if they’re browning, wilting, lifeless, or refusing to flower? To be a pro at office plant care, look for these five signs that your plants are unwell, then do something about it!

5 Signs of Unhealthy Plants

  1. Wilting leaves. If the leaves appear shriveled or wrinkly, a lack of adequate water may be the culprit. Proper office plant care involves reaching in and feeling the soil before adding more water. Plants will have their own requirements for how much water they need; deviating from this leads to unhappy plants.
  2. Sometimes a little browning is okay. Tropical plants will lose their bottommost leaves to browning as they grow. For other plants though, browning is a sign that it’s too hot or dry. Moving your plant to a cooler and/or darker location may help.
  3. Weak or broken stems. If a plant is touched too often or jostled too much, stems can bend or snap. This impacts the plant’s ability to utilize moisture and food. Keep your plants in an area where clients and staff won’t bother them.
  4. Root rot. You might not notice root rot until your plant tips over. Too much water can overwhelm roots, leaving them vulnerable to disintegrating. Plants with root rot can be rescued with proper office plant care: move them to a cool location, and you’ll notice improvement within a week.
  5. Won’t flower. Not all plants flower every year, but if yours haven’t flowered at all, it may be due to a lack of adequate sunlight. Try positioning your plants where they can get the light they need to flower.

Need more information? Talk to suppliers who specialize in indoor plants or office plant care. They can help you choose and maintain the best plants for your environment. Plant Interscapes is available at 1-888-284-2257.