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Do You Need Wholesale Plants?


People who work with plants don’t do it because it’s the most lucrative job on earth—they do it because they love have a passion for plants! Those who dedicate their lives to nurturing nature deserve access to the best wholesale plants from all over the country with a supply chain that is rapid and reliable. Whether you’re a plant retailer or landscaper or an interior designer, high quality wholesale plants are a vital component to differentiating your business and bottom line.

Why Buy Wholesale?

Utilizing a foliage wholesaler or broker service for your plant material needs will allow you to reduce your workforce and overhead costs, eliminate the added expenses of holding facilities, reduce inventory costs, and spend more time meeting with clients, and following up on new business leads due the freed up time from sourcing. A plant broker will keep you connected to the freshest plant material source regions in ways you never thought possible!

However, the best reasons to buy wholesale plants have nothing to do with money. As we say in the plant business, quality trumps price!  The best wholesalers have access to plant life from all over the country and beyond. Having access to plants from multiple growing regions and climates will increase your offering and can be a huge boom to your business.

What to Look For in a Wholesaler

How do you select a great wholesaler, then? Start by finding one with a wide and varied selection and who will guarantee the quality of their wholesale plants. Exotic plant varieties are sometimes unavailable, so find out what the company will do if that should happen. Insist on a wholesaler who answers all of your questions and is upfront about pricing and shipping costs. If they are hesitant to reveal where plants come from or how they are shipped, move on.


Learn More

For more information on the advantages of wholesale plants or the availability of certain plants and products, contact Foliage Direct at 1-888-284-2257.