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Living Green Walls for Your Home: 3 Types of Setups


Not everyone thinks they have room for plants in their homes. The presumption that all plants need their own windowsill is widespread, if not particularly truthful, and not all households have the space and temperament for planters full of plants. The good news is there are several ways to install living green walls in your home that require only a minimal amount of space.

Living green walls can add a burst of color, fragrance, and freshness and make for beautiful décor. They can also support a wide variety of flowers, green leafy plants, and even herbs and some veggies. So what does it take to install one in your home?

The Right Setup for Your Living Green Walls

Whether you’re investing in premade living green wall materials or building your own, you’ll want to ensure you’re getting the right kind of pocket material, soil, fertilizer, and irrigation system to support the plants you choose.

There are three main types of setups for living green walls. Which you choose will depend on how many plants you want, how large those plants will become, and what (if anything) you intend to do with them:

  1. “Mat media” involves using felt or other porous material to hold plants and help distribute water. This is often the most cost-effective setup, though it’s only good for small installations and plants that don’t get too heavy.
  2. “Loose media” consists of a series of smaller containers that hold dirt and allow for the circulation of moisture. This setup is the least durable and will need the most regular maintenance.
  3. “Block media” or “structural media” requires the largest upfront investment, mainly because it brings the best of each type of structure into your living green walls. Block media holds plants firmly while allowing good air and water circulation.

Be aware that not all types of living green walls are appropriate for growing food. If you have additional questions or if you’d rather hire someone to set everything up, let the professionals help. Contact Plant Interscapes at 1-888-284-2257 for more information.