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Is a Vertical Garden System Right for Your Office?

vertical garden system

Vertical garden systems are an impressive leap forward in the growing of indoor plants. Because they take up almost no space, even small or maxed-out offices can house a vertical garden system. One look through a décor catalog or Pinterest page will show you that vertical gardening is catching on—and with good reason.

What Are Vertical Garden Systems?

A vertical garden system is made up of a series of small planters embedded in a frame in multiple rows. Plants are potted in receptacles made of porous materials like felt to help control moisture. The frame is generally made of wood, although metal and recycled plastic units are becoming equally common. A vertical garden system may be freestanding or can be attached to indoor and even outdoor walls. Unless your clients include children or pets who will rip one down for fun, any office can house a vertical garden system.

How Are They Used?

Vertical wall gardens can be filled with flowers, making for a stunning and impressive living work of art. They can also be used for plants that clean the air and increase oxygen levels, which means they’re great for reducing stress and staving off illnesses. Wall gardens on the outside of an office can control insects and provide shading, perhaps even impacting heating and cooling costs.

Where Do You Start?

A vertical garden system can be somewhat of an investment upfront, but it’s also possible for you or your staff to construct one from wooden pallets or other materials. You could even install your own irrigation system. However, this isn’t necessary since vertical garden walls work just as well when watered by hand.

While some plants aren’t well suited to a vertical garden system, many more work just fine. You can also purchase ready-made wall systems and have them installed for you.

With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why vertical wall systems become more popular every season. For further information on these systems or having one installed, contact Plant Interscapes at 1-888-284-2257.