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Indoor Plant Rental: The Perfect Choice for Your Convention Center


Why do so many hotels, businesses, shopping malls, and other highly trafficked buildings use fountains and plants as part of their décor? Human beings are attracted to living things. It’s part of our very nature to be comforted by clean air, flowing water, and healthy plants. No matter how large or impressive a space, if there are no plants, it feels unfinished and even lifeless. With that in mind, plants are an important feature for any place humans congregate to get things done. If you’re planning an event, indoor plant rental is an excellent option.

Convention centers in particular can benefit from indoor plant rentals. If your experience with greenery is minimal, choosing plants and planters for an entire convention center might be a daunting task. Buying plants outright also means you’re stuck with them. However, indoor plant rentals allow you to change your décor for holidays, with the seasons, or for the specific needs of your clients. This kind of flexibility leads to better guest experiences for everyone—which is sure to be followed by increased business.

In addition to the added flexibility, indoor plant rentals can save money in the long run. Plant care is serious business. Unless you already excel at it, you may not know why your hanging ferns are browning or why your cacti refuse to flower. Honestly, how much extra time do you have to learn a new skill? Plant rentals, though, come with specialists who can care for any and all of your rental plants and replace them whenever you want a change.

So whether you need plants for a weekend, a wedding, or a whole season, trust the professionals to do the selection, setup, maintenance, and teardown so you’re free to focus on what you do best. For additional information about plants and services, contact Plant Interscapes at 1-888-284-2257.