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Ideas for Atrium Plants to Fit Your Office

atrium plants

If your home or office has an atrium, your mind is no doubt abuzz with design ideas. A large space like that with so much light cries out to be filled with plants, comfy places to sit, and maybe a centerpiece to bring the whole thing together. The truth is, choosing atrium plants may require more expertise than you think. An open ceiling, for example, doesn’t necessarily mean your plants will be getting the right amount of water – or even direct sunlight. It’s important to spend some time in your atrium before selecting trees, shrubs, and other greenery. Take note of how the light and temperature change during different times of the day. This information will be invaluable when choosing your new atrium plants.

If your atrium doesn’t get a lot of light, or if you don’t have the time, energy, or skill for regular plant maintenance, consider artificial plants. While artificial plants don’t have all the benefits of live greenery, they are attractive, need virtually no care, and offer complete flexibility in terms of design and placement. If living plants are a must-have, think about easy-to-maintain plants like succulents or cacti. These come in an array of shapes, sizes, and colors and add beauty to any space. A palm or other small tree makes for a wonderful focal point.

Still not sure how to proceed? You may consider hiring a service to select and care for your new atrium plants. Consulting with a professional team has many advantages, and may be more affordable than you think. A team will bring extensive knowledge of what plants will work best in your space, and can make monthly visits to maintain the plants and ensure your satisfaction with them. This is an especially great option for businesses like restaurants and hotels. Your atrium can be a warm and welcoming place for clients, patients, staff, or family. Utilizing the power of atrium plants will make your space all that it can be.