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Explore some incredible examples of Natura's work in hotels, offices, and even a winery, where biophilic elements connect people to nature and promote well-being.

The benefits of incorporating greenery into the corporate environment are plenty. And there are countless ways to do so, from creating breathtaking green walls and enchanting moss walls, to simply dotting the office with pots of lush indoor plants. But for now, we simply want you to take a moment to explore the stunning examples of our work in the gallery below. 

The vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and soothing textures that nature provides are all part of what makes biophilic design so extraordinary. As you immerse yourself in these images, let the tranquility of nature refresh your mind. Because in this fast-paced corporate world, it is vital to pause for a minute and reconnect with the natural world around us.

San Antonio Riverwalk, Embassy Suites 

The Embassy Suites San Antonio Landmark, located on the San Antonio Riverwalk, incorporates biophilic design into its architecture, including a living wall in the lobby, large windows in guest rooms, and outdoor terraces for dining. These natural elements create a calming and relaxing atmosphere for guests to enjoy.

San Antonio, Northwest Center

At the San Antonio Northwest Center, biophilic features can be seen throughout the building. It consists of towering windows that allow for ample natural light and views of the surrounding greenery. The facility is also surrounded by landscaping that includes native plants and trees, providing a natural buffer between the buildings and the surrounding city.

San Antonio, Element Hotel

The Element San Antonio Riverwalk hotel has biophilic components, including a living green wall in the lobby, natural wood finishes, abundant natural light, and an outdoor patio surrounded by greenery. These elements connect guests to nature, promoting relaxation and well-being during their stay.

Austin, Hippo Insurance 

The Hippo Insurance office in Austin seamlessly integrates elements of nature into its structure. In the building, you'll find natural wood and stone materials, and fresh green plants scattered throughout.

Dallas, Westin Hotel

The Dallas Westin hotel features biophilic designs, consisting of a lush green wall in the lobby and plants throughout the hotel. These elements help create a connection to nature and promote a sense of well-being for guests.


At Natura, our presence extends to sunny Florida, where we've had the privilege to take on many exciting projects. Feast your eyes on the breathtaking biophilia we've brought to life on various projects, with vivid blossoms that burst with color and life.


Pageant Media

Step into the world of Pageant Media and you'll find yourself surrounded by biophilia that transports you to a serene environment. The notable living wall was thoughtfully crafted to create a connection between employees and nature, while also purifying the air and adding visual interest to the space. 


Schouw's office design embraces biophilia to enhance the well-being of its employees and promote sustainability. Nine large plant walls are strategically placed throughout the space, providing oxygen, humidity, and superior acoustics, while a large void with hanging plants above the entrance connects the ground and first floors.

Miami, Centurion Lounge Entrance

The entrance to the Miami Centurion Lounge boasts a breathtaking living wall, meticulously crafted by the talented team at Natura. It showcases an exquisite selection of plants, arranged to create an impressive visual display that captures the essence of nature.

Slate Theory Winery

Enter a world of enchantment at this modern winery in Fredericksburg, Texas, where a striking cellar awaits you. Natura created a captivating space that features two expansive living walls, towering at an impressive 20 feet tall and 8 feet wide, adorned with over 810 vibrant plants, echoing the rolling hills of the surrounding wine country.

Integrating biophilia into the corporate environment is not just a trend, but a crucial component of promoting well-being and productivity. The examples showcased in this gallery demonstrate how natural elements such as living walls, plants, and natural lighting can transform a space, creating a calming and rejuvenating environment for employees and guests alike. We hope that our fantastic examples of biophilic design have inspired you to consider adding more greenery and natural elements to your own corporate space. Let's continue to embrace and appreciate the beauty of nature in our everyday lives.

Are you ready to bring your office space to life with plants? Schedule a site visit with our design team today and discover how we can transform your workplace with biophilic design.