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Custom Plant Design Creates Productive Building Environment

Hotel Lobby Plants

Would you rather have a fresh, green, vibrant and living commercial space or cold, bare and empty?

What type of building environment are you operating in?

The description evokes an emotional response just reading it.

Imagine involving all your tenants’ senses the moment they enter the building. Plants create an interactive environment with the largest impact for the investment.

Visual Experience

People are drawn to an environment when plants are present. Effective plant design can convey your ideal image and brand message.

Appearance and condition of the property is a top category of evaluation among tenants. The atmosphere communicates upscale, modern and established.

It influences prospective tenants to think, “This is a great place to office.” Visitors want to return to conduct daily business.

Custom plant design gives you a competitive edge and helps increase your bottom line.

Long-term Occupancy

Time spent between work and personal time has become fluid.

Employees spend more hours in their work environment conducting personal business and engaging on social media. They look for a space that offers a place of relaxation and privacy.

Plants accomplish both of these things and are considered an added benefit employers can extend to their staff in your building.

Increased Productivity

Tenants who work in plant-filled areas experience less workplace stress and increased productivity.

Studies conducted by Washington State University showed a full 12% increase including faster response times compared to those who worked without plants.

Being connected with nature raises comfort levels and facilitates teamwork.

Green Building

Plants reduce operating and maintenance costs by balancing the building internal temperature and humidity. They reduce levels of carbon dioxide, dust, pollutants like formaldehyde, benzene and nitrogen oxide. The wellness benefits are proven, and they help Property Managers meet LEED standards too.

Connecting with nature at its roots (yeah…we meant that) allows for healthier, happier tenants and guests.

This is what interior landscaping is all about. It utilizes the power of plants to achieve the goals of building owners and managers.

Ready to experience the benefits?

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