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Benefits of interior plant service

A room with an orange couch and indoor plants

The health and wellness benefits of adding natural greenery to your office are just too important to ignore, but now you are faced with the decision of which plants to choose and where to place them to get utility and an attractive display.

There are a lot of variables to consider such as plant height and width, climate, and how often a plant needs care. A professional interior plant service is the answer these problems. With an interior plant service you can buy or lease your plants, and they design the plantscape to fit your office layout.

Design and Productivity

Experienced designers work with you to produce an anesthetically pleasing layout that compliments your work space, and they find the best locations to place your greenery to increase productivity and the serenity of your employees.

Dr. Leonard Perry in his Plants at Work study stated that even a plant on a desk improves an employee’s performance, but by hiring an interior plant service gives you the perfect balance of green space to work space.

Plants and Care

Which plants work best in your work environment? A professional service understands your lighting and humidity levels, and they will offer you the best solution with the least care.

Plant size is important, and a schedule of rotation keeps your greens looking fresh and healthy.

A professional service has the plants available to offer you a wide and healthy selection of plants throughout the year, and they can work within a budget that works for you.

Dr. Perry mentions the positive effect of plants on the office environment, and reinforces the idea that a well maintained and designed plantscape is cheaper than other office design options.

The well thought out placement of greenery lends a welcoming, upscale and relaxed ambiance to an office. Using an interior plant service relieves the stress of caring for your investment, and at a cost that is as pleasing as the plants they bring to you.